> aa- good girls don't shoot


this photo serie evolved from my previous work; little red riding hood and her traumatic childhood experience and encounter with the wolf. good girls don’t shoot, is a mise en scène that takes place in an abandoned devastated landscape, in which i empower the girl in red by giving her a weapon.

the work presents a particular challenge since it deals with the subjects of guns and my negative point of view on weapons. however, the underlying threads of violence towards women and my desire to be able to defend myself just in case, has compelled me to develop this body of work. the girl in red is dressed to kill, empowered by her phallic possession as she lives in a world in which fear is the new normal. the banalization of violence and guns have become the norm through pop culture and entertainment. my question is, do we really empower ourselves by carrying a weapon or is it a double-edged sword?

a question on mythological women warriors. do we look up to them as examples to follow? here is a quote: “the cross-dressed woman warrior, bearing weapons and clad in armour or in male, often figure-hugging, attire, has always been and still is erotically titillating, whether in literature, art, or film. provided her male counterpart either tames her physically, dominates her sexually or defeats her in death, the reader or theatre audience can allow themselves to be fascinated by the violence, gender disquiet and perverse eroticism on display” ute frevert,yale u